Oppertus is an independant European research and development team, working since 2001 in number of fields, and now concentrated on six main projects.

Popims LensPrinter SAS is a recognized innovator in printing technologies.
Specialized in the field of dynamic printing it’s teams innovated strongly to create a new way of printing baptized: selective lenticular printing.
Popims LensPrinter SAS is also marketing all software developped by Popims Software: Popims Animator, PopimsRip, and Popims MoiréGenerator

PopimsCode SAS is developping an impossible to forge signature, the answer to the major security need felt by consumers and businesses, across new services.

Relational Identity
PopimsCard is a new project that will provide everyone an identity, at the time where one child out of five stil has none (UNESCO). This identity will be dematerialized and based not only on sovereign documents: a person's identity will be guaranteed by numerous third parties: states, communities, businesses, but also and especially friends and family members

This invention will lead to a bright future for individual transportation. It's a new kind of segway that is absolutely stable and may climb obstacles such as sidewalks or stairs.
It may also be used to transport all kind of equipment on roughed surfaces, with a total security.

This new wheel accessory enables either replacing wheels by smaller ones, or enhancing crossing-road capabilities of any vehicle.
It applies to all vehicles and other equipment or objects that one wishes to be able to move easily without providing wheels of very large dimensions.

This new propeller has been designed for vertical take of and landing aircrafts. The propeller works either as a optimized for a helicopter or as optimized for standard aeroplane.

All Oppertus technologies are protected by multi-national patents pending or delivered in number of countries.