Oppertus is an independant European research and development team, working since 2001 in number of fields, and now concentrated on three main projects.

A completely new mechanial transmission method

This method enables manufacturing automatic stepped gearboxes whose transmission ratio automatically varies according to the transmitted torque.

Applications are numerous : gearboxes and clutches for lorries, cars, scooters, bicycles, ships of all sizes, electricity generation, no wear an no dust braking systems, and in fact all kinds of engines that need to be used at specific ranges of speed to provide the best performance.

The goal is to generate very significant energy savings worldwide, by always running engines under the conditions in which they perform best.

Popims LensPrinter
Licenses SAS
is a recognized innovator in printing technologies.
Specialized in the field of dynamic printing it’s teams innovated strongly to create a new way of printing baptized: selective lenticular printing.

Popims LensPrinter
Licenses SAS is also marketing all software developped by Popims Software: Popims Animator, PopimsRip, and Popims MoiréGenerator

The Optic-ID
technology is now finalized. It is the first impossible to forge signature, the answer to the major security need felt by consumers and businesses, across new services.

All Oppertus technologies are protected by multi-national patents pending or delivered in number of countries.